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Portable Fuel Dispensing

At HandyFuelWA we stock a range of mobile and portable trolly or ute fuel dispensing tanks for just about any situation.

Our 12 volt (12v) 100 litre (100l) Unleaded or Diesel Trolly Tanks are the perfect mobile fuel solution for your farm or business who desire a high-quality mobile and compliant means of refuelling.

We have many remote farmers or boat owners who require the safe portability and battery-powered availability from our fuel dispensers.

Alternatively, we supply and prepare 12 volt (12v) 200 litre (200l), 300 litre (300l), or 400 litre (400l) Unleaded or Diesel Ute Tanks. Offering the ultimate higher capacity portable/mobile fuel dispensing & refuelling capabilities.

  1. High-Quality European Manufactured ✅

  2. UV Stabilised Polyethylene Construction ✅

  3. Australian Standards Compliant ✅

  4. ADR Certified ✅

  5. CE Certified ✅

  6. ATEX Certified ✅

These units are designed to be installed to the back of your ute where it can be customised and equipped with dispensing equipment to the clients’ exact requirements.

Handy Diesel Tanks are the optimum solution for the safe storage and dispensing of fuel. All fuel storage tanks are made of certified material which is resistant to weather and UV rays. The tanks come equipped with high quality dispensing systems from recognised manufacturers.

We are Perth’s fuel storage & dispensing experts and stock the highest standard of fuel storage tank & fuel dispenser products available in the Australian market.

Call or message Dan at HandyFuel or HandyTank WA today to enquire or place your order –



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