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Fuel Tank



Leaking and breached tanks are responsible for significant soil and groundwater contamination. Fuel storage tank decommissioning consists of the removal of defective and/or redundant above & below ground storage tanks.

Weathered, redundant, damaged or inadequately installed systems may leak fuels, oil, chemicals and other types of hazardous liquids to the atmosphere and environment.
The decommissioning of known or suspected defective fuel storage tanks must be implemented to prevent significant contamination of soil and groundwater on a certain area.

Fuel storage tank decommissioning should only be performed by qualified personnel that are authorised to perform in accordance with the strict requirements imposed by by AS 4976-2008. This standard on the decommissioning of underground fuel tanks is being strictly implemented to ensure safe storage and handling of dangerous substances, as well as to prevent posing risks of contamination to the environment and other nearby structures.


Our decommissioning service includes:
✓ Above & Below Tanks;
✓ Site Survey;
✓ Soil Sampling;
✓ Tank Waste Product Removal;
✓ Gas Testing & Gas Free Certification;
✓ Internal Cleaning;
✓ Removal of redundant tank and disposal in accordance with environmental and AS regulations;
✓ Site Remediation.

Handy fuel WA has experience and knowledge on implementing and conducting all work tasks on site in accordance with our Safety Management System and Environmental Management System (ISO 14001) to ensure safety to all workers, public and to the surrounding environment. conduct all work with complete regard for safety, environment & current regulations.

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