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Fuel Management Systems




Fuel Management Systems are used to measure and manage the use of fuel. They are critical in industries where extensive amounts of fuel is being used by multiple team members, in such industries as mining, civil construction, municipalities and transport. FMS are reliable and efficient remote fuel auditing and fuel theft reduction devices.

From cost-effective small fleet operational fuel management systems to large fleet, remote WIFI & GPS systems that can allow the operator to monitor fuel levels in the tank and usage on the ground. Managing fuel is essential for any fuel consuming business as not only is it an accurate and efficient means of reconciliation for accounting but it also minimises downtime due to constant monitoring of the fuel level in your storage tanks via automated alerts.

We can:

  • Install ✅

  • Update A Current Fuel Management System ✅

  • Tailor Fuel Management Packages ✅

  • Program/Re-Program ✅

  • Assign Driver ID Key Fobs & Cards ✅

  • Integrate Tank Level Gauging ✅


Handy Fuel WA can supply, install and program FMS. We specialise in SmartFill products from Fluid Management Technology. SmartFill FMS provides 24-hour security against theft with 3G and Wifi options available. Automatic downloads and communication by the unit to your administration department ensures that fuel dispensing records are always up to date. This substantially reduces the time taken to reconcile fuel usage.


The unit’s robust and user-friendly features come at a feasible price that makes it the best all-round fuel management system in the Australian market at present. It is designed and manufactured in Australia, with our harsh conditions in mind.

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