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Sampling & Lab Analysis




Diesel fuel testing is imperative for monitoring auxiliary and standby power systems in commercial and industrial applications.

Routine testing of diesel fuel for long term storage can help predict the product’s remaining life. Periodic sampling and analysis provides the means by which important decisions are made regarding your aged fuel, its storage, and its suitability for continued use. Testing can also confirm whether your fuel is suitable for cold weather service.


Handy Fuel WA offers various levels of testing for diesel fuel that range from verification of fuel quality to troubleshooting fuel problems, such as contamination from outside sources. Whether you use biodiesel, straight petroleum-based diesel, or a blend of both, we have a testing solutions to meet the clients needs.

We offer comprehensive fuel sampling & testing that meets the latest standards including:

✓ Basic & comprehensive analysis of fuel quality & cleanliness.
​✓ Routine & comprehensive testing for long-term fuel storage and storage conditions.
​✓ Winter testing for cold weather conditions.
​✓ Tank bottom analysis.


Changes in diesel fuel specifications and biodiesel blends present challenges for owners and operators of diesel engines and equipment. Do and hesitate to book in a technician visit to sample your fuel and give your storage tank a health check.

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