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Fuel Treatment & Conditioning




Handy Fuel WA can administer fuel treatment additives to your storage tank as part of routine and preventative fuel maintenance.

We stand by BC-250 diesel fuel biocide as the only diesel treatment needed because it:

  • Cleans your injectors and fuel system better than any other diesel engine cleaner;

  • Kills bacterial & fungal contaminations;

  • Helps separate suspended water from your fuel;

  • It’s a safe diesel cleaner additive.



✓ Cleaner, more efficient running.
✓ No more prematurely blocked filters.
✓ Protection against breakdowns of injection pumps and injectors.
✓ Better reliability & less downtime.
✓ More profit.

Being able to extract all of the power that your engine was designed to deliver and saving on your fuel bills are just two of the great reasons for using BC-250.

Protecting injection pumps, and injectors against breakdowns caused by water damage will slash your downtime and equipment repair costs. Treatment will also make sure that your system is free of “diesel bug” and ensure that your equipment will be working when you need it most.

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