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Coded Hoses




Handy Fuel WA provide a full bulk flow code hose service. As per AS:2863-2000 Regulations, code hoses must have regular testing intervals. They require continuity and hydrostatic testing every 6/12 months to ensure optimum fuel hose operation, integrity and safety.

Some of our services:

  • Coded fuel & lubricant hose manufacture ✅

  • Hose pressure testing & tagging ✅

  • Hose continuity testing ✅

  • Hose decommission & disposal ✅


We can manufacture, test & tag and certify code hoses in-house. Our technicians can conduct a site visit to measure, match and grade hoses to the right application. They can also test and decommission defective hoses on site or at our premises. We provide certification for all hoses tested or supplied.

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