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Fuel Nozzle Safety Breakaway

OHS & Environmental Safety should always be the paramount objective when handling fuel. The dispensing nozzle & hose are the prime areas most susceptible to wear and defects due to human error when refuelling.

One of the most common problems we encounter in the field is when a person refuelling leaves the nozzle in the vehicles refuelling port and drives off, causing catastrophic damage to the fuel bowser & system.

Handy Fuel WA can install a Diesel & Petrol Nozzle Safety Breakaway Device between the nozzle & hose. Safety breakaways are an essential and now regulatory part of any new installation.

A breakaway divide is one of the easiest & most important safety measures that you can include on your fuel dispensing bowser or pump. The device is designed to disconnect the nozzle from the hose when during a vehicle drive-off incident without causing irreversible bowser damage.

A Nozzle Breakaway is a dry-break device that isolates the nozzle and hose via a spring mechanism when sheared which minimises any substantial Diesel or Unleaded Petrol spillage. The breakaways are reusable and can be reconnected to the hose, thus making them a very cost-effective fuel dispensing safety device.

Contact WA’s fuel management experts for all of your fuel storage & dispensing needs today! We cover the whole of the Perth metro area areas and beyond, from Geraldton, to Albany.

We provide an extensive range of fuel maintenance services and equipment sales to our clients who hail from a large spectrum of industries including:

  1. General Industry

  2. Transport

  3. Agriculture

  4. Construction & Civil Engineering

  5. Mining

  6. Waste Management

  7. Telecommunication & Data

Handy Fuel WA provides a comprehensive fuel storage & management service to the commercial, retail and industrial sectors throughout Western Australia.



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