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Why Decommission an Old Fuel Storage Tank

Do you have a current or an old unused fuel storage tank on your premises, either above or below ground level that you have been meaning to do something about for years?

Handy Fuel WA are your local WA based family run business for all of your fuel storage management and maintenance requirements. Whether it be advice for how to decommission an old tank, your business requirements have grown and you are considering a new fuel storage solution, or you are selling on your commercial or residential property.

We have decades of experience in the fuel supply, storage and management business and are all too happy to share our advice.

You have a Legal Requirement

Not everyone is aware, but it is your legal responsibility to ensure the upkeep and integrity of your fuel storage solutions and associated pipework, whether currently in use or not. Old fuel tanks are notorious for leaking, but, because it is underground, is it ok to forget about or ignore it?

You could be in breach of regulations if you are found to have a fuel leak. Any underground fuel leakage deemed to create an environmental issue could land you in legal action and resulting in a large fine.

For current systems in use, a regular fuel storage maintenance plan should be in force for your workplace, minimising and resulting in early detection of potential issues. As for old or unused fuel storage solutions should be inspected, drained and safely decommissioned within current legislation guidelines.

Handy Fuel WA are on hand to service, maintain, inspect, decommission or to help plan your company testing & monitoring records. Handy Fuel WA specialises in tank decommissions and the safe and proper removal of fuel storage tanks in Western Australia.

Why Modern Fuels

It is an unwelcome fact that too many neglected above and below ground fuel storage solutions are responsible for environmental contamination to our soils and waterways, affecting wildlife, habitats, farming land and communities.

This is magnified by our modern fuel blends which are more corrosive towards the older type steel fuel tanks. If your tanks are 20 or more years old, they could be dangerously prone corrosion which can result in the tank breaching and the fuel contents leaking.

Introducing A New Type of Tank

Many businesses are taking up the opportunity to pre-emptive any near future problems by replacing their old tanks with one of the new wave of superior double wall fiberglass fuel tanks. A fiberglass tank will not corrode, and more importantly, come with a 30 year guarantee.

Call The Experts

Ask the team at Handy Fuel WA for an easy, new or replacement, modern fuel storage tank solution and business strategy. We offer a complete service to ensure all fuel storage and supply systems are maintained and remain in optimal condition.

If you’re considering replacing your underground tanks or changing your fuel storage configuration, it’s time to call in the experts in underground tank removal and decommissioning.

Call or message us for all fuel tank decommissioning works & have the job done correctly, safely and with complete regard for the environment.

All work conducted in accordance with AS 4976:2008 & AS 1940:2017



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