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Fuel Accounting & Reconciling has Never Been Easier, Quicker Or More Efficient

Handy Fuel WA have partnered with FMT Specialist Fuel Management Solutions so that we can supply, install and maintain their sector leading fuel supply monitoring and reporting systems.

Fuel accounting has now never been easier:

  1. Instant reconciliation across multiple sites;

  2. Driver, vehicle and site identification in an instant;

  3. Real-time data accessed from anywhere;

  4. Monitor, manage and report instantly;

  5. 3G/4G communication unit.

Fuel Management Systems are used to measure and manage the use of fuel. They are critical in industries where extensive amounts of fuel are being used by multiple employees or sub-contractors.

Spanning across industries like mining, civil construction, municipalities and transport. FMS are reliable and efficient remote fuel auditing & theft reduction systems.

From small fleet, to large scale fleet operations , Smart-Fill Gen3 Fuel Management Systems will ensure that you account for every litre of fuel that is dispensed.

Handy Fuel WA also supply and install FMS Smart-Dip Tank Gauging Systems to allow the operator to monitor fuel levels in the tank in tandem with usage on the ground from the office.

With current surging costs of fuel, managing consumption has never been more essential, not only as an efficient means of reconciliation for accounting but it also minimises downtime due to unreliable handwritten records of fuel usage and most importantly, unauthorised fuel usage.

HandyFuelWA Now Installing Smart-Fill Gen3 & SmartDip Tank Level Gauging Systems

Without doubt, the new GEN3 & Smart-Dip Combo is the most functional and complete fuel management system aimed at businesses of all sizes. SmartFill is designed & manufactured in Australia and comes with a great support team if any technical assistance is needed.

A mighty robust, tried and tested system you can rely on:

  1. Fully connected 24/7, access to real-time data for anywhere via 3G/4G

  2. Easy to use, simple to configure & sports an intuitive interface;

  3. Enhanced security, configure vehicle/driver/time/day/fill limits;

  4. Smart access cards or FOBs for easy identification & security.

Now installing across Western Australia, you can rely on HandyFuelWA for expert advice. A WA owned & operated “Friendly Family Firm” business with the personal touch, rapid call-out times & pinnacle level workmanship.

We have decades of experience in the fuel supply, storage and management business and are all too happy to share our advice. Handy Fuel WA provide a turnkey service in the supply, install & maintenance of all aspects of fuel storage and dispensing systems.

We can inspect, test, maintain and repair all aspects of fuel storage tanks and all associated dispensing equipment.

Fuel maintenance is an integral part of keeping a healthy Diesel, Unleaded Petrol or AdBlue supply chain to your vehicles, machinery and/or plant equipment. Regular inspection, servicing & maintenance is key to reduce your downtime through vehicle engine breakdown or delays in your ability to dispense fuel.

Contact WA’s fuel management experts for all of your fuel storage & dispensing needs today! We cover the whole of the Perth metro area areas and beyond, from Geraldton, to Albany.

04 88 77 FUEL (0488 773 835)



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