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Decaying or Redundant Heating Fuel Tank?

Do you have an old or disused oil or kerosene fuel tank at home, residential property or your commercial premises.

Handy Fuel WA has been called to assess many old, decaying and outdated heating fuel tanks. These heating oil tanks tanks were common during the 70s & 80s, and can still be uncovered at properties of this age in Perth and their role were to fuel hot water heaters & boilers.

Posing a potential danger, decaying relic tanks often form leaks through corrosion, causing fuel contamination to the surrounding earth and also produce flammable vapours, which is a major fire/explosion risk.

Kerosene, along with a number of other home heating oils were a common form of heating fuel in Perth in years gone by, but even though most were decommissioned years ago, many heating fuel tanks still exist in the WA today. More surprisingly, they often still contain a substantial amount of fuel.

Handy Fuel WA recently visited a home in Dianella. The property was an older development and the new owners were unsure what this old rusting tank was that was situated at the side of their home. On inspection we found a rusting 1000 litre tank in the undergrowth that still contained over 400 litres of Kerosene. There were definite signs of fuel seepage from the tank and supply pipework. This was a potential hazardous situation with the new home owners totally unaware. We discovered afterwards that the home may have changed hands two or three times since the tank and fuel was in commission and serving a purpose… Well hidden, out of sight, out of mind.

Handy Fuel WA safely terminated/isolated all pipework, drained and disposed of the remaining tank contents, conforming to our strict fuel safety protocols. We finally removed the tank and provided a contaminated land remediation service for the client.

Popular Perth suburbs where we are called to decommission old home fuel tanks include Dianella, Noranda, Morley, Bayswater, Guildford, Welshpool, Kardinya and the surrounds. Properties in the Perth Hills we also find contain redundant heating oil tanks.

Handy Fuel WA is a Western Australia family owned and operated, specialist fuel equipment supply, install & maintenance company providing a full turnkey fuel management service.

We can inspect, test, maintain and repair all aspects of fuel storage tanks and dispensing equipment.

Call or message Perth’s fuel management experts and place all of your fuel storage & dispensing needs in our hands.


 04 88 77 FUEL (0488773835)



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