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Beware Fuel Contamination

It is easy to forget about the fuel that feeds our machinery, ‘So long as there is fuel in the tank then all is good?’..For the majority of the time you would be correct, but if we fail to keep on top of the vital maintenance required, then there are common stored fuel related hazards that can arise.

Today’s fuels are a carefully balanced blend of bio-fuels, additives and chemicals. They are designed to be quite stable, but if general preventative maintenance is avoided, over time, potentially dangerous buildups, cross contamination or breakdown of the fuel can arise in storage tanks or fuel storage containers.

Stored fuels can contain contamination from:

  1. Ingress of water;

  2. Foreign particles & debris;

  3. Micro Bacterial Growth (Diesel Bug);

  4. Cross-contamination with other hydrocarbon fuels.

Modern Engines

Modern engines are much more efficient, but as a result, they are also much more sensitive to the quality of fuel that is consumed. So much so, even a tiny percentage of contaminated or unbalanced fuel can cause lasting and irreversible internal engine damage. This results in downtime in both vehicle and operator and thus costing money.

A regular fuel maintenance plan will minimise fuel contamination issues and increase the chance of early detection and breakdown prevention dramatically. Scheduled Diesel, Unleaded Petrol and AdBlue fuel storage tank inspections, checks and testing can prove to inexpensive in both terms of cost and time when you consider what is at stake. Expensive vehicle or plant machinery breakdowns and related downtime & repair costs make regular fuel storage tank & dispensing pump maintenance costs pale into insignificance.

Have a Plan

Luckily Handy Fuel WA are on-hand with complete coverage across the Perth Metro and wider Perth areas. Our Perth based team of fuel experts can quickly act to keep you up and running. HandyFuelWA also have regular service and maintenance check trips as far ranging as Albany, Esperance, Kalgoorlie, Geraldton and more.

Feel free to give Handy Fuel a call or drop us an email to see how we can help to keep your fuel storage system healthy & reliable!

Identify a Problem

You should seek professional advice and fuel testing if you suspect any of the following common signs in the daily operation of your machinery:

  1. A rise in fuel consumption – contaminated fuel does not produce the same amount of power as clean fuel;

  2. Engine output is low, or revs are higher than normal – an engine need to work harder if running on contaminated fuel;

  3. Fuel filters becoming clogged – Contaminated fuel contains more impurities;

  4. Higher levels of smoke from exhausts – Contaminants on not burn as cleanly resulting in more gases;

  5. Unusual smells – Contaminated fuel does not prejudice a clean burn and emits more gas and debris.

A Family Run Business

HandyFuel, is a family run and locally operated business, has your best fuel related interests at heart. We ensure a personal, thorough and very professional service at a reasonable cost.

We are Perth’s fuel storage & dispensing experts and stock the highest standard of fuel storage tank & fuel dispenser products available in the Australian market.

Call Dan at Handy Fuel for help and advice on 08 6209 2621, visit or find us on Facebook.



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