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Dangers of Water in Fuel

What is contamination of fuel, why is it so dangerous and how does it occur? Just a few of the questions we often hear as regards fuel testing, cross contamination and most importantly, machine breakdowns due to fuel contaminants.

There are several contaminants that could infect your costly fuel supplies and potentially lead to damage in your machinery, wrong fuel types, bacteria and even water, not to mention the cost of any downtime that may arise. In this blog we are going to look at the hazard of water in fuel storage supplies.

Fuel water contamination is probably much more common that you may think. Water to most of us is a good thing, a necessity even, but when it comes to fuel, water is bad news. All fuel contains a small amount of dissolved water, typically around 0.5%, but much more than this could slowly and silently cause some major problems.

Depending on how much water is in your fuel supply, it could spell anything from loss of power, surges, or worst case scenario, total failure. This is because the properties of water will not compress in the cylinder, nor does it have combustible properties or flashpoint unlike fossil fuel.

How does the water get in?

If fuel tanks or storage facilities are getting old, not maintained properly or where seals are beginning to fail or break down, then rain can seep in, and often over a prolonged period of time. Also during cooler weather, condensation may occur due to the differences in ambient temperature.

Testing for contamination

Regular maintenance and contaminant testing is essential for keeping machinery running efficiently, minimising downtime and breakages. We can conduct on-site testing for water content and also conduct laboratory testing to identify other disruptive elements that may be in your Diesel or Petrol.

Our HandyFuel team specialise in routine testing and tank inspections. We test not only for water, but the complete range of hazards lurking in your supplies.

Once any water, or other contaminant is detected, our experience and advice at HandyFuelWA can ensure that hazard is removed, fuel is cleaned and protective measures are put in place so as not to happen again.

Our Perth based team of fuel experts can quickly act to keep you up and running. We routinely cover the whole of the Perth metro area and regularly travel around Western Australia, including Geraldton, Kalgoorlie and Albany.

HandyFuel, as a family run and locally operated business, has your best interests to heart. We ensure a personal and thorough professional service at a reasonable cost.

We are Perth’s fuel storage & dispensing experts and stock the highest standard of fuel storage tank & fuel dispenser products available in the Australian market.

Call Dan at Handy Fuel for help and advice on 08 6209 2621, visit or find us on Facebook.



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